The world is slowly dying! As the earth becomes more polluted and our oceans fill up with more plastic waste, Ada Pops have come to the rescue! They are a peace group of glass bottled delicious goodness and like us humans, they come in different flavors and personalities. Ada Pops have come to spread awareness about bottle recycling and reducing the use of plastics.

But there is a problem! Poor Ada Pops have got themselves trapped in vending machines. They need your help! Rescue Ada Pops by minting them, so they can get out there and save the world!

About Ada Pops

Ada Pops is a collection of 10,000 random generated NFT’s living in the Cardano environment. They’ve come to bring happiness to everyone. Each one with their own personality, just like us. We want to build a strong community and we believe in giving back. Join us and help Ada Pops save the world.

You can rescue Ada Pops from our vending machines right here on our website.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”

Robert F. Kennedy

Massive $100k to 10 lucky minters!

5% of total sales goes to charity!

Spin the bottle game!


Over 270 different traits.


Bottle Shop Menu

Please choose from our menu


₳ 30

(RRP. ₳ 45)
0.33 Free Ada Pops (₳ 30 each)

3 Pack

₳ 75

(RRP. ₳ 135)
1.33 Free Ada Pops (₳ 25 each)

6 Pack

₳ 120

(RRP. ₳ 270)
2.66 Free Ada Pops (₳ 20 each)

12 Pack

₳ 216

(RRP. ₳ 540)
7.2 Free Ada Pops (₳ 18 each)

Case (24)

₳ 360

(RRP. ₳ 1080)
16 Free Ada Pops (₳ 15 each)

We understand it’s not easy trying something new. That’s why we have a store sale here at Ada Pops. If you purchase any of the Packs or the Case, you’ll receive some free Ada Pops, so you can share them with your friends!


Phase 1
The Ada Pops Start
  • Website
  • Twitter / Discord awareness
  • Big marketing push
  • Set up 5% royalties for community wallet inc. floor sweeps
  • Reserve 100 NFT's for giveaways and prizes
Phase 2
The Drop - What flavor will you get?
  • Launch first tier of 250 Ada Pops NFT's!!!
  • Each new tier after will be a 1,000 NFT release, only once previous tier sells out
  • Listing on, etc..
  • Weekly Prizes/Giveaways
  • Rarity chart release
Phase 3
Did you get a SUPER RARE?
  • There will be 10 Ada Pops like no other. Each one of the 10 super rare NFT's will be a winner of $10,000 in ADA!!!
Phase 4
12 Days of Christmas Special
    • We have decided to reward our Ada Pops NFT holders by having our own Ada Pops Christmas special!
    • As a Christmas gift from us, every day from the 25th of December for 12 days we will reward one lucky Ada Pops NFT holder with a $1000 (ADA) prize.
Phase 5
Build awareness
  • Launch our own Merchandise. You will be able to show of your own Ada Pops NFT
  • Reach out to the communities
  • Start monthly community exclusive activities to win some ADA, Ada Pops NFT's and Merch
Phase 6
Giving Back
  • 5% of total sales will go to a charity voted by the community
  • Spin the bottle game release. A game where Ada Pops NFT holders can participate in winning ADA, NFT's & Merch.
Phase 7
Release of 2nd Collection
  • Release of our 2nd collection "Wasted Ada Pops".
  • Everyone holding 2 or more Ada Pops NFT's, will receive 1 free NFT from the new collection.
Phase 8
What's Next?
  • TBA

Roadmap is subject to change.


Our Ada Pops store will be open and fully stocked on the 2nd of December at 01:00 UTC time.

Ada Pops are only available to buy from our Store and our Ada Pops vending machine. Do not send ADA to anyone on Twitter or any other platform.

When we release Ada Pops, you will have the option to select how many Ada Pops you would like to buy. Next you will see a window pop up with the address to send your ADA to, reserving you the desired Ada Pops for a short amount of time. Last step is to log into your wallet and send the specified amount of ADA to the displayed address. Next your random generated NFT will be minted and sent to your receiving address.

Make sure you don’t send ADA from an Exchange Wallet like Binance, FTX, etc. You must ONLY use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi, or AdaLite!

Each Ada Pops NFT will cost 30 ADA. Discounts for multiple Ada Pops.

You will have the option to buy 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 Ada Pops at a time.

Open and enter your receiving Cardano wallet address to view your Ada Pops NFT.

As far as we know, there are no NFT’s out here that even resemble Ada Pops. So we believe they are quite rare.

We will have ongoing NFT’s and ADA to be won.

When 100% of the sale is complete, 5% will go to a charity voted for by the community.

Merchandise release.

Spin the bottle game release.

Announcement of 2nd collection.

Community input on the future of project.

Join our growing Ada Pops community by visiting our Twitter and our Discord server where we discuss anything Ada Pops.



Brainy Pop - Dev

Talented Pop - Graphics

Bubbly Pop - Marketing

What's Your Flavor?

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